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Botanical Inspiration 6 Jul

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Feelings of love and joy in having such amazing friends to help bring a vision of my new site and letterpress to life! The inspiration started with a gorgeous antique botanical print of “Clary Sage” I fell in love with. Miya from Layers of Loveless illustrations are visually stunning and there is so much artistry in her work. Together we created this hand drawn font incorporating Clary Sage. The lovely Megan with Ruby the Fox designed letterpress and Stacey from Steracle Press crafted these final beauties.


Antique Botanical Print – Belle Botanica

Custom Wax Seal – Stamptitude

Site Design – Dustin Davis

Blueberry Dye – Featured on Magnolia Rouge 8 Apr

blueberry ink  blue cake blueberry dyed paperblue escort cards blue wedding invites blueberry dyed paper goods Fleur Flowers Blueblueberry dye Fleur Wedding Flowers magnolia rouge wedding blue magnolia rouge invites blue blueberry dye wedding blueberriesblueberry cake blue ink wedding blue and gray wedding blueberry dyed wedding gold and gray wedding blue wedding cakepoppy wedding floers

I’ve dreamt of a simple iced cake with blueberry frosting and was so excited when my talented friends completed the vision with their flowers and paper goods. Miya from Layers of Loveliness handwrote the invitations using blueberry ink on blueberry paper we dyed! The result is a gorgeous suite with an artisan touch. Each one is individual with a hues of gray, steel, purple, and blue. Kelly with Fleur arranged Specked rare fritillary, garden roses, poppies, and peonies to complement the organic blue cake perfectly. We finished the setting with gray dyed linens with gold to add some elegance. I had an incredible time photographing all these details along with a dream cake.


Thank you Magnolia Rouge for the gorgeous feature!

Florist – Fleur Calligraphy – Layers of Loveliness  Paper – Silk & Willow Cake – The Cakery Pottery – Fringe & Fettle


Snow Day 12 Jan

And citrus frosted cinnamon rolls roasted over the fire.

clary pfeiffer home 1clary pfeiffer farmhouse 2

Waking up to an orange sun and a blanket of snow is a welcome guest while we wait patiently for spring. The winters are long so we’ve made an art of staying in, building a morning fire, and finding fun ways to cook over an open flame. Our favorite is roasting cinnamon rolls which turn perfectly caramelized and gooey like the best part of the cinnamon roll, the middle. The secret is adding a little orange zest to the icing for dipping. Enjoy a morning at our farmhouse and the recipe below for fire roasted cinnamon rolls with citrus icing below.

firewood 3 fire 4clary pfeiffer 5 farmhouse blue 6snow day 7 snow day 8citrus 9 clary and jettie 12 citrus 11 farmhouse fireplace 13 orange juice 14citrus juice film 16farmhouse fireplace 20clary pfeiffer home 21

Fire Roasted Citrus Cinnamon Rolls

1 package of cinnamon rolls

the zest of 2 oranges

skewers for roasting

small bowl to mix icing and zest

Open the cinnamon rolls (our favorite but any will do great) and place the icing in a small bowl. Mix the zest and icing until smooth. For your cinnamon rolls cut them into around 8 inch stripes for roasting. Small rolls may not need to be cut. Wrap the roll around skewer using the prongs and roast each side for 3 to 5 minutes. Let cool and cover with orange icing. This recipe is also amazing for camping or enjoying at a bonfire.

After zesting the oranges you can make citrus juice. We love mixing 5 or 6 squeezed oranges with a cup of pineapple juice for sweetness but any juice mix you love is perfect. It’s a nice break from hot chocolate and makes you excited for warmer days. But the best is using the rids to make the house smell amazing. Throw those in the fire to release all the oils. xx

fire roasted rolls 18clary pfeiffer farmhouse 17farmhouse clary 22 fire roasted rolls 23
woods farmhouse 24

Featured on Style Me Pretty Living!

Heirlooms 4 Jan

Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 1


Our heirlooms are cracked with imperfect glaze. My dad made them and when I went to college they were one of the few things that came with me. These have seen my apartments, our first home and us becoming husband and wife. Now Hughes and Jettie. They’ve made banana bread, Hughes Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies, pumpkin muffins and doughs of pie, pizza, and pasta. They nestle together perfectly and sit in a special place in our new kitchen, designed around them with handmade Zeilgle tile and open shelving to show them off.


Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 2


When Hughes and Jettie move on to their own adventures they will each take one along on their travels through life to remember our sun filled kitchen and hundreds of meals made from these bowls. But for now we’ll enjoy our current favorite pasta. Lemon with cracked pepper and brown butter.


Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer Heirloom 3 Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 4 Clary Pfeiffer 5 Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 6 Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 7 Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 8 Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 9 Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 10 Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 11 Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 12 Clary Pfeiffer pasta 13 Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 14 Clary Pfeiffer pasta 15 Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 15 Clary Pfeiffer pasta 16 Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 17 Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 18


You can add what makes you happy to this simple pasta recipe. Butter, tomatoes sauce, parmesan cheese, or go fancy with our current favorite additions below.

Homemade Pasta with Lemon, Brown Butter, Parmesan and Cracked Pepper

1 1/2 cup unbleached all purpose flour
1 1/2 cup semolina flour (extra for dusting)
3 large eggs


1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup gratted parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon whole peppercorn craked
1 lemon zested


Using a meduim mixing bowl mesure flours and stir lightly with hands. Create a well inside bowl for 3 eggs to go into. Add all eggs and use a fork to stir the eggs in their well slowly letting the flour slowly incorporate. We found this way it easiest for kids but you can make this step well method, with a stand mixer, or even food processor. Once it starts coming together, fold over dough, making sure the concestany is crumbly but holds together. If it’s not wet enough you can add a teaspoon or two of water or if it’s too sticky just add more flour. The dough will become elastic after around 5-10 minutes of kneading.


Let dough rest in covered bowl for 15 minutes while you get your toppings together and water boiling. Hughes and Jettie love grated Parmesan, lemon zest, brown butter, and cracked pepper. Grate the parmesan and cheese in one bowl. For the pepper make sure to use a mortar a pestle or crack it in a zip lock with a rolling pin. The amount seams like a lot but when the peppercorns are cracked they’re less spicy. The best way to brown butter is taking a small pot and cook on medium heat until it foams and the mild solids turn really beautifully brown.


When the dough is rested, cut into 4 pieces to make it easy to roll out using an attachment or rolling pasta maker. When the sheets of pasta are ready dust with semolina flour and either use an attachment or cut the noodles. Dust with more semolina so they don’t stick together.  Gently add, in 2 batches, noodles to boiling water. When they rise to the top give just another 30 seconds and take them out of water. The whole boiling time is super short, only 2-3 minutes.


Add your favorite additions, set the table with pretty bowls, and enjoy!


Clary Pfeiffer Film Photographer House 19
Clary Pfeiffer - Fine Art Photographer