London on Film 5 Oct

Counting all the ways to love London.

british-flag-clary-pfeiffer-1 english-blue-door-2 flower-shop-clary-pfeiffer-3 sketch-rose-gold-4 sketch-london-tea-9 polaroid-sketch-6 highteasketch-7 door-uk-8 tiffany-co-london-10 modern-tate-london-11 laduree-london-12 secret-garden-13 london-flat-14 london-white-wedding-15 london-bookstore-16 london-travel-photography-17 uk-travel-photography-18 red-bus-london-clary-pfeiffer-20 clary-pfeiffer-london big-ben-time-20 clary-pfeiffer-travel-photography-22


Corner flower shops, perfect bookstores for wondering, British accents drifting across local pubs, colorful doors steps, secret gardens, tea served with Champagne, acres of green lawn to picnic, a dream store designed from two ships filled with candy colored patterns, quite cafes, being the new home for my dearest friend Stephanie, and all your Tates.

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Clary Pfeiffer - Fine Art Photographer